Bandit / Good Guys Improvements

So I’m starting to think what could happen with both the friendlies and the Bandits, of course, I thought something that maybe hasn’t been stated here yet.

Good Guys Improvements:

  • Since these guys are the good guys, some people want to be able to just be the bad guys and kill them so I propose that we have random convoys of them (Vehicles and stuff) going around that would clear out zombies until attacked by a person which would trigger them to fire back at them and they would be able to be killed
  • Have it where in random areas of the map could become outposts of these people, not necessarily a safe zone. It would be a place where they could sell people things and have a clear area for a while. People or bandits would be able to attack and kill everyone but due to balancing, they would only be able to take the stuff off their body not off their market. (This area would have high security so as to not make it easy to just bust in and raid.
  • If a outpost is under attack, whether by a horde, bandit, or players, quests if added could be one that says to help them out, could also be transmitted by a flare or some other form so as to help and if they win you get a reward.

Bandits Improvements:

  • If they take over an area. There is no way of entering it without getting into a gunfight with them, this could be used to make a quest so as to take out the bandit camps that would stop others from being there or exploring there.
  • If people are below a specific amount of reputation (If something is added) they can join bandits and have uniform if they have any
  • Add little outposts and a place for the bandits camp where if youre a good guy you would be shot on sight, these people could provide those they are allied with with quests (If added) and shops that sell stuff that maybe is not gainable by the other (Kinda like rust)
  • can have some expansion with small camps that could have someone from the friendly faction captured and could prompt quests to save them.


  • Make it where if they were to destroy a camp or just was able to end off everything, the defense wouldnt go away for a while which would make it easy to trick others into thinking that area is still under conquest of some faction.
  • Can make Faction specific vehicle skins and if possible, customizations

Might add more later cause its late. Just something i thought of.


Sounds great, I’m interested

Yes, I agree. Hell, I’d take it further and say that there should be a way for players to be able to control these factions for videos. Something like being able to spawn NPCs via console command.


how about starting own factions too somehow, Building up a small city that grows and attracts survivor npcs?

something like that? in some way?

I may have a very messy topic including that topic too :thinking:

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totally accurate battle simulator in unturned

high quality dolby audio voice acting. also the bandits are black and spit bars nonstop so you can use sound to know where they at. the good guys either say howdy or hold your horses and they say it no matter what comes at them. survivor npcs are morons who try to get hurt so they ask for help and if you don’t help they all turn on you. if you ever used the 3.x mod mr. welcome, he needs to be added aswell. other than that, i need to go tho beda.

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