Bandit npc lootbags

Bandit NPCs have been confirmed, but I cannot help but think about how much of a lootbag they would be.
This is my ideas to make killing people and npcs for loot much less profitable.

Gear they drop
It makes sense that that they should drop all clothing and gear on their bodies, but I believe that while looting inventory items should be somewhat quick, removing clothing should take more time, making it less desirable to just take peoples clothes, also using them for rags wouldn’t be as useful, as some of the items would be bloody, and if not cleaned cannot be torn up into useable rags.

Aswell as that bandit gear should be worn down stuff in the firsts place. The npc clothing and people clothing should take a lot of damage from bullets when the person is killed, less if the person is only downed or alive.

Intended affects
Another good affect is that those pvp no life’s that rome and ruin the fun won’t get as much gear from constantly killing people.
This also affects zombies, they drop their clothing but it is nearly broken and super disgusting. The player takes large infection/sickness from any injuries and just in general. Washing would be important.


I would like this. But looting should be that you search the body and that they dont drop it like now :thinking: mabye drops the thing thay have in their hands but not that they drop Everything in their pockets and backpack.
Also bandits and other mpcs should move in Groups so that if you for example go to an bandit camp and try to kill one bandit they all will start attackng you and defending theirself wich would make it harder to kill them and take their loot.
killing zombies again and taking their clothes (any clothes from anyone actuall) so zombie clothes, if you make them in to rags without cleaning them good, they could infect your wound and stuff like that.

also if you kill mpcs your reputation (assuming there will be some kind of a rep system) would worsen or be better depending on who you kill… or somethig like that


Bandit camps should have the loot in boxes inside the camps, rather than on the actual bandits. They should carry gun, clothes, and a small bit of ammo.

More camps should spawn in different places with more stuff, so you couldn’t just kill off all the bandits.

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The Clothing damage sounds like a very realistic and good idea but i think they should still drop all of their loot and also lowering your reputation resulting in NPC’s being hostile or not wanting to trade with you anymore

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What if the NPCs were hostile from the start? Would you get a hit to your reputation as well then?


Low rep should have benefits if you walk into towns and demand tribute from the people there. But also it should have complications, like you’re hunted by hostile NPCs more.

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Relies on what kind of towm Imo
Bandit/militia camp good to have low rep
more civilian town/military rather have higher rep

Maybe make things cost more such as fixing the gun and other things so if people do go killinng Around it wouldn’t be worth it and probably so it’s not easy to kill the bandits, there should be barricade like things that bandits can hide in to get cover

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