Bandit NPCs territories around the map

Like in GTA:SA,there should be territories occupied by bandit NPCs,where obviously Bandits will spawn randomly,when a player kill a bandit in it’s territory,more bandits will spawn and a event will start,which could be called Territory Fight,if the player (or group of players) defeat like 3-5 bandit waves the territory will be safe and bandits won’t spawn there,but,occasionally,there’ll be bandit convoys moving to other safe territories.


I mean bandits wouldnt rly be able to get a lot of territory since they will need to worry about having to defend it from zombies , let alone humans and i dont rly know if we will have hostile NPCs in unturned 2 but it would be interesting to see bandits but i dont rly want territory wars



bandit npcs at this point are comfirmed, so dont even get started boi.


Not related other than to shame you more


Wow,bravo,I’m so ashamed now…wow,cool comment Aj_Gaming,thanks for sharing.

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I was responding to stuttgart being an ass of sorts about you making a suggestion. (as well as sorta teasing him for his older suggestions)

so essentially, I was defending you, but if you’re gonna be rude yourself then I might as well delete that post and you can deal with everything yourself.


Sorry,I didn’t know,anyways uhhh…yeah,that’s all,sorry.


It’s ok you dont need to be sorry


Another thing that could be cool is to have random encounters like in Fallout 4, and to have certain base camps like in Rust (Bandit Camp, Outpost, etc). We sort of already have this in the form of the Liberator, for example, but having more including some enemy factions you can fight/join would be a cool idea.

Anyway good idea! I really like it!

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I’m not sure if I’d want such a detailed NPC system in a multiplayer survival game. I like the old style, NPCs that you can buy from and such. But here’s what I want:

  1. A more optimized shop for NPCs (fit more information in more compact spaces instead of massive rows of items

  2. NPCs able to buy more than just experience. They can be configured to accept items as direct trades or even uconomy money.


That’s what I’m talking about!,I would love to see it in the game and also events like this would happen irl as well.

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