Banned 261 days ago, Battleye won't respond. Any help?

Hey guys, I hopped on Unturned after a few years and joined a random server. Played for a few minutes, and was permanently banned from multiplayer. I’ve reached out to Battleye multiple times since the ban, and have gone many months without a response. I’m not some kid who cheated and is asking for forgiveness, I genuinely think this is a false positive. All I ask is for someone to look into it, as I am at a loss for what to do. I have no issues on other Battleye enabled games (like Planetside 2) nor other anticheats (Valorant’s/EAC).

I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Are you certain that you sent your appeal with all the necessary information (e.g. your appeals needs to include your SteamID if you weren’t globally banned), and that you sent it through the correct page/address (i.e., through their Contact page)?

If so, and you haven’t received a response from BattlEye Support nor was your ban removed, then it sounds like your ban appeal was rejected.

I believe I sent it through the correct means. If my ban appeal was rejected that is a shame, as it is genuinely a false positive. I wish they would respond (even just to say that the ban will remain). Is there any other pathway I could get this investigated? (I understand you/your team don’t have the time to look into individual bans, however I feel defeated).

Thanks, and I appreciate you reaching out.

p.s. It is a non-global ban. Would this be for a text or voice chat related reason instead of cheating?

All bans distributed by the anti-cheats are within the context of cheating. BattlEye/VAC will not ban you for the things you say in text chat or voice chat.

Good to know, however unfortunate given my situation. It appears that there is nothing that can be done short of developer intervention, which is unlikely.

Thank you for your time.