Banned From Unturned Official Discord Server For "Falsifying Evidence

Basically, I was reported for spreading hate through their discord. Anyway, I showed evidence that the person I sent it to was racist in the past and clearly had a personal vendetta against me. I was banned for Falsifying evidence against someone which they had 0 proof of. Clearly bias from the Junior Mod and Mod. Also they blocked my friends from viewing the channel so i cant even show what i mean.

Except past conduct did not matter, and that the screenshot you provided matched none of the messages he showed as being sent.
Discord doesn’t format dates like that, and the white is off
None of this matches with anything shown in here

No one blocked your friend from viewing it, he just got muted for not being able to stop typing despite being asked not to.

Didn’t find it initially so it was not included in my first post but you also straight up admitted to falsifying that screenshot

Even if you didn’t use UO to send that event invite that alone would be a valid reason to ban you.

It is white from snipping tool because i scribble out a name and discord does format like that if you are not english (switch to danish and it will show like that). Also how is that admiting to falsifying evidence? You can clearly see the overlap. Clearly doesnt know what sarcasm is.

What version of discord do you have? I switched to Danish and it does not look like that.

Its not my screenshot ill find out now. Netherlands. Also Lorenzo appears offline so what you are implying that i searched through over a thousand people to find him to send it to. Or is it more plausible that i had him added as a friend at one point as we used to play with each other on a server and i sent him the link form suggested?

No, you didn’t scribble out the name in white, thats blue

Unable to reproduce that, so not going to believe it

You straight up said (and I quote) “sure I altered it” right here

I cannot. Even if I could and that screenshot was nothing but the truth it would still not excuse what you did

How is sarcasm involved in any of this? Also your level of English really doesn’t lend itself to sarcasm, so if you get the bright idea to attempt it in the future (especially in here) I’d suggest you don’t. Might end up be taking seriously since sarcasm is hard to convey like this.

Its almost like we already conceded that you most likely did not use the server to send that invite up here

You can’t just send a invite like that and then attempt to sidestep the issue with doctored screenshots of racism from the user that reported you or claiming that you just wanted to mass report it. If anything this thread has reinforced my opinion that you should be and stay banned.


Lurk moar, especially if you have nothing productive to add.
Also, meme arrowing on the SDG forums, shiggy diggy.

I will meme arrow if I feel like it. Especially if OP has it coming.

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