Banned on Discord

So I got banned from the discord because i had a naked girl picture in my profile this was 1year ago
i did not know that was a rule against that then i saw DeusExMachina
#3046 dming me saying

i thought it was a ip grabber because people always send this things to me this is why i didnt trust him
not just that i did not know he was a admin in the discord sever i Just wanna say i am really sorry and
would like to have a another chance i promise it wont happen again if it does u can perma ban me Please
not just that i was really stupid back in the day i was acting like a child now i grew up and know some stuff i really support Unturned i have made around 100videos on unturned sorry again my discord name is 乂Dark Dragon乂
#2643 Thanks and Sorry.


June 2020, it’s February 2021

Please reverse the puinishment, if it ever happens again you can just un-reverse it

While techncially correct that makes no sense to me since it would give you no incentive, you’d loose nothing.

That alone would have been fine, I

offered you an easy way to check if the link was genuine tho


or you could have just checked recent mentions.
Also we would need your Discord ID and not username and handle since you changed name since then but no worries, I got the ID(419216377036013580) already.


wait i am getting unbanned?

No, as far as I am concerned you are not

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what should do to get unbanned? i already did what u told me to do and it was a “application”

You wait I guess. It’s not only up to me to decide if you do get unbanned.

okey :frowning:

I agree with Deus. This is not an excuse, especially when it’s a serious offense such as in your case, a NSFW profile picture. You agreed to the rules and should’ve abided by them.

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no excuses all truth. i really didnt know i would never lie about this things

It’s called common sense. Assuming you really did not know that would still not be a valid excuse.
Its an official game discord populated by pretty much only 14 year old kids. Why would you think that an explicit avatar was okay?

idk man like i said i was really stupid back in the days i have grew up and not that stupid anymore
thats why it wont happen again. people always desevers a second chance

It can’t happen again since you are not in there anymore. And by the looks of it it’ll stay that way. haven’t heard back from all of the mods yet but the ones that did respond also said no.


Not really my place, but I’m of the opinion that people who ask for second chances aren’t the type who deserve them. I’m also of the opinion that people can and do change but from June to now isn’t a lot of time for it to happen.

Even with benefit of the doubt, ignorance was not the card to play here. I have no say in whether or not you get unbanned though I do believe you shouldn’t be. If you really did want back in, though, owning up to your mistakes is always better than trying to bury them.


if u dont think i will change i can wait around 1 year is fine i just dont like to be perma banned
i will really promise that i will change please make it 1 year so i can proof it. i will wait and i will promise that i can wait

I seriously doubt that for some reason

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well danaby and renxon both got banned for having anime profile pictures xd

Change isn’t something with a deadline. You’ve grown when you’ve grown and you won’t be able to tell until someone else points it out. And to me, you still strike me as impulsive enough to do something stupid without thinking of the consequences. Maybe you aren’t, but all that means is you aren’t a very good salesman either.

I think this topic has run its course. There’s not much you can do to convince Deus to unban you and there isn’t much we can convince you that you probably won’t be unbanned. @Yarrrr

None of the other staff believe your case can be appealed I’m afraid.

Pretty much:

  • You violate the account rule for having a pornographic avatar (According to the ban reason, which makes this a level worse than ‘NSFW avatar’), despite acknowledging the server rules when you enter the server
  • I believe you were also warned to change it before getting banned which is supported by that private message you received (I’m unsure why you thought a discord link was an IP grabber)
  • By having an inappropriate avatar it also means you’re willing to show such avatar in every server you’re in, which makes this more severe

If you’re appealing as being ‘rehabilitated’ from youth immaturity I’d say that a minimum of 2-3 years is a more convincing time span (As others said, less than a year doesn’t seem that much). Otherwise I doubt you’ll be unbanned.