Banned players for no Reason?

Hello! I recently just banned a person off of my Unturned server. The only evidence I had to go off of was these two screenshots ^ and some reports I got. Are these screenshots enough evidence? Just curious about other people’s opinions. I have never these grid patterns on another person’s screen so I associated it with cheats. I wouldn’t be so worried but other players on the server were adamant of his innocence.

grid pattern is the terrain geometry, afaik it’s usually a bug with lower spec computers

if he was hacking it’d be a lot more obvious - fake /spy image, visible cheats (ESP, in-game trainer menus, etc)

edit: judging from the guy’s loadout (maplestrike with vert grip + barrel/flash hider is usually pvp meta) he’s probably being reported for using third person to aim down sights, which explains the iron sights


It wasn’t the battleye. OP said he banned the person

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There is no evidence of the player cheating in either screenshot. Of course the lack of evidence doesn’t mean that they weren’t cheating, but if these screenshots were the only reasons you had then you had no evidence.

EDIT: If you do get in contact with the player again, you might consider telling them to try updating their video card drivers to see if that resolves their grid lines issue.


No evidence of cheating to be found.
Also a word of advice, /spy sucks. It is faked quite easily plus it tells any cheater worth their salt that they are being suspected. Now if they are raging that does not matter but in my experience in the vast majority of cases they are trying to appear legit so they’ll try and hide it or toggle them off until you leave them alone.

I found out that teleporting around and then spectating them via freecam (preferably with player names toggled on so you can see where everybody is) works way better. That way you can check if he looks at people through walls. If you teleport somewhere near him (near enough to be a threat but not near enough that he could actually hear/see you) and he instantly changes his behaviour or better yet straight up looks at you through a wall that is a dead giveaway.


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