Barricade Help

Hey there.

So I’ve tried making barricades, and even pulled it off some times but I changed laptops and wiped the old one’s drive, so I can’t go back to my old project to find them.

However now, I can’t quite get them to work, not even a GUID gets generated, which makes me think something’s very wrong in unity.

I use 5.5.1f1 for my unity version, and I did tag and layer everything like the example shows.

I hope someone finds something I might have done wrong, I’ll leave this tab open for a bit.

Thanks a lot

I think you forgot to actually upload a screenshot somewhere in this part of your post.

I found out 30 seconds after posting it. I’m sorry for no screenshots though.

I had LOD’s unset/set wrong and also I didn’t delete the GUID line completely, if someone has the same/similar problem

I think I’ll make a tutorial soon since I looked and noone has a tutorial on this matter yet

Thanks for answering though!

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