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Hello ladies and gents, today we are here to talk about what we want to see in base building for 4.x
Should it be changed if anything at all?

I am generally unbiased about this topic in specific, if anyone would like to bring to the table some bright or cool ideas feel free to share them with us.
Thanks so much! [T]/

I haven’t played in a while, or built a base for quite some time, but certain things feel permanently highlighted for me.

Birch, Maple, and Bricks building tiers are virtually untouched. Pine and Metal are the top tier.

I haven’t personally done one before, but a lot of people bring up how horde beacons make raiding unbalanced, and I can understand why with traps and floating freeforms and all that.

There’s a bit of mixed reactions on whether or not LMGs should be able to raid. I personally think they shouldn’t, but I’d like it if they could still damage barricades and freeforms. Metal or not.

I almost never see stuff like caltrops, landmines, claymores, etc being used. I see the occasional caltrop or landmine placed in the middle of a military base, probably cause whoever had it had a full inventory. Barbed wire (+ fences) and spikes are used a fair bit from time to time though.

I dunno but that’s my input.

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First. Horde beacons should require more items to be crafted
Second. Horde beacons need to be much harder, having the xombies recieve a damage multiplier from traps that is 0.25x to minimize the exploitation of wooden spikes and traps
Third. Bases require more logs… At least 6 logs for 1 wall
Fourth. Each type of tree should have a special characteristic. Metal is bullet proof. Pine is fire proof (only in the game, because they last the longest when set ablaze). Birch bases require less logs (1 less log for each structure). And maple trees… ummmmm… idk. You guys can suggest for Maple and Bricks. However, I have suggested before that Concrete should be an extra tier which is the Legendary tier. But it does require cement, frames, and sand. Which in turn, should be bullet proof and should have a small damage absorption to explosives (0.8x)
Fifth. Bullets should have 0.2x the structure damage they have in 3.x because LMGs make raiding too easy.
Sixth. Explosives should do less damage to structures but still being the go-to as C4 does a lot of structural damage. But still needs at least 4 charges to blow up a wall to make raiding more difficult.

The truth is, if you fire high-caliber LMG rounds into a wall made of solid steel that’s a foot thick, the most you will do is scratch the surface. poll about 3.0 basebuilding… i hate it atm the number 1 reason i stopped playing multiple times

I’d like to keep Wood and Brick the same as their 3.0 versions, but re-add Stone as an intermediate between Brick and Metal, and buff Metal Structures slightly. All that needs to be done is make Bricks more common and it evens itself out.

You still have easily raidable bases nonetheless
So either buff all structures’ health or decrease the structural damage of an LMG/Sniper

I’m going to read over your stuff if you don’t mind.
(Just to put my two cents in, I like your post the most so far)

Third. Bases require more logs… At least 6 logs for 1 wall

I like where this is going

Metal is bullet proof. Pine is fire proof (only in the game, because they last the longest when set ablaze)

Maaaybe not fireproof, all wood should be vulnerable to burning in my opinion. As for each of the trees having special characteristics, you made me think.
I was thinking instead putting emphasis on all the different types of wood we instead take the opposite approach, which would be having each kind of wood just be the same and only look aesthetically different.

Concrete should be an extra tier which is the Legendary tier.

I actually love this idea.
I would kill to see the arrival of new building materials in Unturned. I’m already sad enough that you will never obtain bricks, it is pretty much one of the most useless implementations in the game (#1 being the blindfold).


Please, please, PLEASE give us pre-fab chairs to go with pre-fab tables. Im begging.

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I like your idea. I just wanted to add a little bit more complexity to the game, but I guess simplicity in this part of the game would be better. Cuz I would like to have my base look like a disco ball without having to worry about a part of it being more vulnerable than the other. But if that’s the case, then the metal shouldn’t be as powerful as I suggested because that would leave concrete with not much specialty when it is in the legendary tier. Unless we make concrete even more powerful with even more damage absorption making it extra difficult to raid

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