Base Takeover

Imagine your raid a base and think its so great that you want to take it over, but the original owners would easily raid it again.
It would be cool if (like in rust) you needed a tool cabinet to maintain your base, unlike rust it would require less materials to maintain, but larger bases would require more upkeep still. Multipul tool cabinets could be placed but not too close to each other.
Once all TCS are destroyed and most of the locked door/items are destroyed placing your own TC will claim the base, ALSO nobody from the original ownership could be there while it was being claimed. The TC would also work as a claim flag and no structures could be built near while one is placed. Prehaps the base will also need a takeover time so defenders can show up again.

TC would also discourage abandoning servers for weeks. Tc will also repair damage done by failed raiders ( so they can’t keep comming back )
If the TC isn’t maintained the base will degrade in health.

Yes it’s stolen from rust but it can be named something else and change to be something different.


I disagree. This is one of the main things that I wanted to avoid in UII - let’s not turn Rust into a day job please.

What you’ve built is what you’ve built. We don’t need a resource sink for the sole purpose of preventing an entirely artificial hindrance to progress.


Don’t like the idea of transfering owner ship like this, wouldn’t it just be easier to just build your own base?

Not sure how this would work but ok.

We might get a sort of base degrade/takeover mechanic in UII, though instead of it being an artificial abandoning base mechanic, it would feel more natural. Basically, bases would be taken over by Turned, and a core is set up, basically making abandoned bases really dangerous due to the amount of Turned spawning there. FleshyPig made a concept video about it a while back, told Nelson about his idea, and Nelson seemed to like it, “I’ll have to put together a prototype for the nest/growths so we can see how they look in-game”.

No. I think that’s a bad idea. If you love Rust so much, then why dontcha just play Rust? We don’t want an idea just totally ripped from Rust… that wouldn’t suit Unturned’s play style.

is really worrying the bases on unturned… just see 3.0

-Dont had any stability
-Players “griefing” things
-Bases totaly ilogicals
-Possibility to remove walls giving a ABSURD advantage on online raids
-Possibility of make a base !!10x10x10!! and if raided just will stay ther
-Impossibility of make a decent warehouse

And in raids are equaly

  • Its VERY EASY make a Rocket or C4 in unturned
    4hours to ~4 guys raid all houses in a server on washington or russia make yourself the test!

things to be in consideration in this post

  • High cost aleatory evict “griefing”
  • The “cabinect” evict the construction of Iraidable bases because multiply the cost in that ““exponentialy”” just see that link its a video of 3min.

that is the equation

Than Y is a layer on rust
and Z is the base cost in 24 Hours

Y = (Z2.9) + (Z0.1) (1 layer)
Y² = [(Z2.9) + (Z0.1)] x [(Z2.9) + (Z0.1)] (2 layers)
Y 3 = [(Z2.9) + (Z0.1)] x [(Z2.9) + (Z0.1)] x [(Z2.9) + (Z0.1)] x [(Z2.9) + (Z0.1)] (3 Layers)

The comprovation than all that is true Just see my profile on steam

~ 1,479 Hours in unturned
~1,258 Hours in Rust

Im not inexperient in survival games i understand about that, but things need be understand than the Base of rust is make Bases to get “Territory” bases in rust are the key for get all things and what is the base of unturned? Get Xp?!


Is that game that you expect?!

Just because another feature “might” be in-game, doesn’t mean you should shoot down a post with that reasoning.

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I do like the idea of taking over bases. For instance by destroying all claim flags and placing your own. However it should not be possible to claim an unclaimed base from someone and salvage it straight away. There should also be no single locked room or storage left. Because no one wants to lose their stuff because someone destroyed your flag and claimed the base.
I definitely don’t like the idea of a cost to maintain your base. I think unturned is grindy enough (if the game is on a good difficulty)

I actual don’t have rust lol

I don’t feel as if making bases should be “hard”, nor do I think that they should require constant upkeep. I don’t think that would make the game any more fun or challenging, it would just make it a pain in the ass. I think that once a base is raided, once you’re inside you hold a key and there’s a loading bar type thing, and it takes you a while to hold the key down to progress the loading bar forward (like capturing checkpoints in shooter games or whatever) and once you’ve done that you have control over the base and can salvage walls and stuff at your will.

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It should be easy to start, hard to master

Just saying, nah, this idea would ruin unturned’s base building in my opinion ;/

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I wish we could go back to the mega bases of old where nobody understand base building and there was giant metal bases everywhere. This idea would push bases further and further into the darkness so personally I dont want this but it also just doesn’t work from a gameplay perspective. (for unturned atleast)

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