Basements in houses?

Should there be basements in some houses? idk wut do u think


Yes, gomrade.
The only trouble is making holes in the terrain is a lot more performance-heavy than you may think. Well, at least with Unturned 3.0.
I’m unsure if the switch to unreal will change this, but that’s for Nelson to confirm.

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Hopefully unreal does find a way to make it not laggy

Unturned 4 will be a brand new game, it could be easy as to add basements, and from what I have seen a lot of Americans have basements.

Having wide underground networks under some maps’ cities id something I’d be really hyped to see. Underground scavenging should be scary and interesting af.


Kind of like the subways in Germany in 3.0

I dont remember a subway on Germany only places like the underground bandit cave and the seed bank in the mountain or that space complex but im 100% sure that there was not a subway in the 3.0 Germany map.Maybe russia?

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Ahh yes that wuz Russia my bad

i have a basement
its for

oh (10 characters)

medical purposes
like bandages
and my antibiotics

there was no subway only sewer system

this wont be problem in unturned 2

I have lolis…I mean nuclear bombs in my basement… not that it makes it any better.

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Nelson could pull a Fortnite and make fake terrain covers to make holes in the map.

that is, unless he has a hole tool ready to go for UE4.

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UE4 has a landscape tool to cut hole’s into the terrain already , the landscape visibility tool that allow’s you to cut hole’s into the terrain and the you could place mesh’s and other actor’s under the landscape terrain

so naturally out of the box you can make basements for houses in UE4 for unturned 4.0

I meant something a lot more developed than in 3.x Germany, actually.

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