It is probably the most disgusting post you will read today, so taking advantage of the new survival mechanisms in-depth, we will need to have different vitamins in the food and everyone knows what comes in, so after some time after eating or drinking something happens indicator appears on the screen saying it’s time to go to the bathroom, you can go to some shrubs or in the bathrooms of houses and buildings, if you pee the character will only have the hands that you know where (not the little friend will not show up) I think that it is not necessary to show the jet leaving, but at least the noise should be added, now if it is the other thing :poop:the procedure is the same in the bush the character squats in the bathroom, he sits, I know, you should think "but What does that add to the game? " In addition to giving an air of extreme survival that you can use in your favor, piss in the water supply of opponents to make them sick and also move some wild animals, considering that many of them mark the territory with pee, can also allow some diseases like diarrhea when you eat something spoiled you lose water and vitamins, whereas everything went abroad.

Weird, pointless, and annoying.

“Realism for the sake of realism is bad.”

-Nelson circa 2018


This ain’t it chief

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Weird: yes
No sense: it does make any sense and would fit well in the deep mechanics of survival.
Irritant: If you get angry while doing this …
And yes I know that about 99% will say no and I know how it sounds, but think with me it would not make sense? Why currently eating spoiled foods only makes your radiation rise there just take a medicine and ready, it would not be anymore exciting to lose water and nutrients because of the … da … da … di … diarrhea, getting sick for a while, having to be careful while your companions go get food and remedies to help with your recovery, yes I know what you are going to say, ‘’ did you use drugs? ‘’ and did not use it, that ‘’ Realism for the sake of realism is bad ‘’ is correct but is being used inappropriately, this post is not only for realism but for the improvement of the mode of survival and adversities of this apocalyptic and danger world called … UNTURNED II !, … it really is disgusting and not much needed would make a significant difference but it would not be lacking, anyway I thought the idea should be presented.

it really is disgusting and not much needed would make a significant difference but it would not be lacking, anyway I thought the idea should be presented.

It doesn’t add to the survival experience, it more than likely detracts from it as players are forced to take time out and go to the bathroom.

No videogame has ever made the ability to go bathroom a selling point as it is pointless, awkward, and detracts from what players should be doing: playing the game.


Just a few seconds in a thicket, this makes the player think ‘’ MY GOD LOST 7 SECONDS OF MY LIFE GAVE THIS GAME ‘’?Anyway unturned II will be very innovative in what is said to survival, ‘’ Does not this increase the survival experience, ‘’ ie I can eat food from the trash and go around happy and healthy?

That’s seven seconds you could have spent shooting, running, or any other beneficial activity; but I have to sit at my screen for seven seconds and watch my character squat in a bush, repeatedly? No thanks.

It just doesn’t add anything that a player would want in a videogame, that’s the main point I’m trying to get at.

Eating rotten food will come with it’s own consequences, but this shouldn’t be one of them.

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I cant take any of your posts seriously anymore. The moment I saw the title all I could think of was “do the mario.”


Well I respect your opinion but that yes add experience of survival to the game I am saying that 7 seconds are not enough to make a player give up playing a game, I admit that when talking about shitting and pissing in a game the first reaction is’ what? this is disgusting I do not want ‘’, but stop to think survival will be pushed to extremes: https: //
in the wiki is more specified the mechanics of survival.



@anon95004049 As far as I understand I have many ideas I was thinking about something for days, so I went into the bathroom today this and that so it came to my head,my posts are strange sometimes but also often make sense and are cool.

No. Just no. “Realism for the sake of realism is bad”. The game is designed with fun in mind still. There are plenty of games out there that really focus on the “realism” aspect. Unturned is not one of those games. Not to mention this is just… bleh.

IMO, this really adds nothing to the game except for unnecessary hassle. I don’t possibly see how this could benefit even the hardcore nature of the game as it’d just be a purely annoying addition to every player.



This should never be a thing, just like how barely any open world survival game does it. Why do you want to suggest this… especially with the fact that you’re making big posts defending this suggestion…

Not only being a dumb feature, it would be really embarrassing for this game to have such thing.

Game reviewers be like: “Check out Unturned II, one of the only survival games where you can take a shit!”

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SCUM intensifies

Jesus Christ! That whole thing is 2 sentences!

Just this.


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Josh already had plenty of canned goods and bottle waters inside his cozy bunker but died from trying to pickup the last bottle of soap.