Torch, GPS, and everything that is eletronic in Hard/Normal mode, needs some type of batteries: for example, the torch needs a small battery, a gps needs a medium/small battery, walkie talkie 2 smalls batteries, etc. Even headlamps and nightvisions.


I think you want to say lantern

Suggested! May be even on Trello already

But is a good idea, baterries…
And it will be for all difficulties but on easy it will consume vry low

It is already sugested and it will be in the game.
I think that a player will be able to access a battery in a flash light the same way a player switches out gun attachments on a gun

I think this would be pretty cool. Finally an actual use for batteries

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Torch is another word for flashlight.


I would rather have only one type of batteries, because it makes things less confusing.

Having 2 or three types of batteries wouldn’t be confusing as long as they look different (looking at you 3.0 shotgun shells…)


I think that there should be 3 types of batteries

  • rechargeable battery
  • big battery
  • medium sized battery
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The rechargeable battery is a good idea. You need a special generator that runs with fuel to recharge it:

  • Small Battery
  • Medium Battery
  • Big Battery
  • Small Rechargeable battery
  • Medium Rechargeable battery
  • Big Rechargeable battery
  • Infinite Battery (only with the give command)
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Umm the reason why I didnt put big rechargeable battery is because it is to “op” maybe it is better to keep big battery not chargeable

I say this because everything needs to have a use
U can’t just add a perfect item

Right ?

Perhaps normal, infinite, and rechargeable could just be coded as modifiers for the batteries. Actual completely separate types of batteries I would say should atleast batteries for cars and other vehicles, and smaller batteries for things like flashlights, laser lights, and GPS. I’m not sure about any differentiation beyond that.


No, by “big” i mean the size, not the capacity. The capacity is just a bit different (Small battery: runs for 3 unturned days, Medium for 3/4 days and big for 4 days) GPS = needs a medium sized battery, torch = needs 2 small sized batteries, headlamp = needs 1 medium sized battery, Military Nightvision = needs 1 big sized battery or 2 medium sized batteries. And each item have his own consumation

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I like the idea of being able to modify ingame tech to be rechargeable with makeshift parts. Like take apart the nightvision and add parts to make it rechargable.

Why would you need special parts to make night vision goggles you just need to put in a changed rechargeable battery and take it out for recharging every few days

I mean if you don’t have access to rechargeables and a way to recharge them

That’s not how it works irl
Rechargeable battery and a normal battery are too different I am studying mechatronics
And I know the difference
Rechargeable battery is usualy made using nickel
Non rechargeable battery is usually made using alkaline

You cannot just charge alkaline batteries

Yeah, if there were one time user batteries that lasted a lot longer, then rechargeable batteries that lasted maybe half that then this would be a pretty cool thing to implement