Battle Eye Question

Ok so I got a question if I had a server right and I basically turn off battle eye anti-cheating system(By making it an insecure server) what would happen am asking this question because why not I mean it would be crazy because a lot of servers would have to rely on there own system of administering to make a good face on the server they own or work in although it a crazy I mean it crazy without the battle eye so I don’t have anything else to say.

So are you regretting turning off Battleye and VAC, so now you want help in how to restore it? Am I on the right track here?

No am saying what would happened if we didn’t have a battle eye at all what are the benefits of that decision.

It means that hackers might join your server more easily and get away with it.


Well, just ask yourself, what are the benefits of turning off an anti-cheat engine?

I mean, unless it’s a server for hackers, none really.