Battle Rifles


Unturned 3.0 had quite good weapon diversity, although it was missing one major type of weapon up until the release of France. Battle Rifles.

Seeing how 4.0 will have reworked ballistics and more realistic ranges, battle rifles seem like an even more viable and meaningful addition. A middle ground type of weapon, between assault rifles and DMRs, battle rifles could be ideal for survival PvE and PvP scenarios.

Having a full power rifle cartridge of a DMR compared to an intermediate cartridge of an assault rifle, but with fire rate, accuracy and magazine size closer to the assault rifle, it would be good at ammo conservation in long range engagements, yet it would still be fairly useful in CQB.

H&K G3


Battle rifles were a thing before France. There was the Chimera, and some others. the Schofield is classed as a “battle rifle”.


I know for the Chimera, yet I didn’t include it because it is pretty much just your regular assault rifle with a slightly higher damage and 10 meters longer range than your average assault rifle, despite being based on the G3. Schofield is as much of a battle rifle by modern definition as is a Karabiner 98k a carbine by modern definition.


true, they are technically a battle rifle according to unturned


After all, stats are what defines a weapon’s performance, not it’s classification, although the classification is usually based on it’s stats.


Sure thing. UII should have a fair amount of DMRs, unlike in 3.


Yeah, I will say there will be less high rate of fire ars in 2.
Military bases should spawn battle rifles more commonly than say a maplestrike.


it should depend on the military base. In southern and western Europe battle rifles are in common use by the military, but not in Russia or the United States (commonly). I don’t think maplestrikes and other assault rifles like that should be as good as they are in 3.x, though.


this conversation is more interesting than the total dramarama storyline


Well I could see the balance battle rifles having higher range and damage with atrocious recoil. And assault rifles with less damage and range but more manageable recoil. And you can’t forget about the dumpster fire in Vietnam known as the M14.


I think the problem with battle rifles in Unturned is how messed up they are in 3.0.

In 3.0, the Herstal, Kriegs, Chimera, etc are all BRs. They’re incredibly underused however, mostly because of how you’d need max sharpshooter and good attachments for them to be even usable without having insane skill. It’s why everyone’s go to gun is the Genaugewehr on France. Recoil is impossible to compensate for so you’d need a bipod for tolerable recoil and they just don’t do enough damage to be good tap shooters, and on top of that you can’t tap spam semi auto because of the silly makeshift firerate exploit fix that freezes your tap spam if you tap too fast.


Battle rifles could be balanced and good, slightly higher recoil and semi auto for larger damage would be worth it.


ngl the M14 does slay in RS2


I feel like Nelson should make so that no gun can fire effectively in full auto past close range, making tap firing actually useful.