BattleBit remastered uses some unturned sounds

First of all, I am not sure where to put this so I will just put it here, I watched the trailer for battlebit remastered and it had some of the unturned bullet impact sounds (specifically the one where a bullet impacts metal) I am not sure if Nelson owns the sound or if it is from an online library. I hope The devs asked for permission (If Nelson owns the sound of course).

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I believe it was said in the past that some of the sounds used in Unturned were from sound libraries online.


this also happened for Stardew Valley out of all things, unturned’s drinking noise is the same as when you drink a Joja cola (or other drinkables) in Stardew Valley, most of if not all of the sounds in unturned are public use. (probably excluding the new walk sounds, as I believe nelson said that he actually had those professionally recorded)


Thanks for checking! But yes: most of the newer sounds are thanks to Peter Wayne’s “GameMaster Audio” libraries. I wish all the best to Battlebit and hopefully there will be a crossover from Unturned in there at launch. :slight_smile:


we must sue them! :joy:

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