Battlestate games is failing us :(

escape from tarkov wasn’t pulled off correctly. it was treated the same was as Star Citizen. got a bunch of publicity, got everyone hyped, then it died it was a shit game anyway

Also, fortnite is the worst game ever.

Ray of hope won’t be coming any time soon, the Devs are almost dead silent.

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I regret buying EFT, its really fun to play and the core of the game and what it could be is amazing but the devs are digging the games own grave, if the .11 update isnt good and if they dont fix the whole copyright shit with eroktic and start fixing this mess then the game is doomed (it probobly is alredy with how things are right now). Just so sad to se good potential get shit on by a shity company

This just in, Battlestate has supposedly infringed on multiple trademarked weapons and attachments, for example Glock with the 17 and Trijicon with the ACOG.

Spike Tactical already sent a cease and desist letter to BSG.

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Well,just because they haven’t posted any thing in a month doesn’t necessarily mean they are not working on it.

Also,Dezowave,the creators of Lost Alpha are cooking something interesting.

Cube World haha

world war 2 begins [1939, colourized]


WHERE’Z MAH DEV :b: LOG?!?!?!?


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