Battlestate games is failing us :(

We all know about Escape from Tarkov,don’t we.The game that changed hardcore shooters forever.
I originally had high hopes about the game and it’s developers,but as of recent,they have done something that will change their reputation forever.

They fired a DMCA copyright strike against the Youtuber called Eroktic and took down about 40 of his videos related to the game.Basically,Eroktic was covering an issue about the safety of player’s accounts in his videos.The developers claim that they conducted an immediate check and there was no issue found.They didn’t like that Eroktic was spreading the word and claim that he was “misinformating” and spreading “lies and slander”.

I believe that this is a really bitchy move from Battlestate’s side and the situation could have been handled better.

The only reasonable options for Battlestate now are:

  1. Apologise publicly about their behaviour and remove the strikes.


  1. Be led by their ego,and watch their game die.

Battlestates’s claims on Facebook:Escape from Tarkov

(Please do some research before replying,cause this is a very sensitive subject and you should have a whole picture of the matter.)

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Yeah, I’ve read through it and watched all the videos. It’s disgusting, honestly, seeing a large company abuse the Youtube copyright system to kill of people they don’t like.

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Yes,the real issue here lies more on Youtubes shitty and outdated copyright policy than Battlestate (Without saying that they are not to blame.)

I had high hopes from these guys,can’t believe they did something like that.They could have been one of the few geniunely good large companies on the industry.

I hope the situation turns out ok for both.

and i thought UMG was terrible

A bit off topic but with all the hate for game devs and publishers these past few years (EA, DICE, Activision-Blizzard, Epic Games, etc.), I want to thank Nelson for being such a good developer.


Fuck them for Battlefront ll

It wasn’t necessarily a terrible game, its just the way they advertised it as well as rewriting history.

Haven’t heard anything from the yet. I mean trey-arch has been bitch this year

Fuck them for micro transactions and mobile games

They just made Fortnite. i could understand it being terrible because of season 5 and the shitty little 10 year olds, but other than that, i don’t see anything wrong with them.

Congrats Nelson you’ve been awarded best developer of 2018


ohh yeah, i forgot one

Fuck them for '76. What a waste of my time waiting for some Garbage


The triple A industry has really fallen on hard times lately, Good games are getting sparse it feels even though we have gotten a couple really good ones.

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feels like most good games nowadays either get bad after some time or are awesome indie games.

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the cold war but it’s about video games

wait what was wrong about season 5?
I know something was wrong but I forgot. (got bored and stopped playing that season)

It was very dull and boring.
Sure we got 1 new location and maybe a couple others but other than that it was very boring.
Even the week 7 skin was boring. It wasn’t cool like the season 4 one.
Dont even get me started on the challenges

explains how I got bored lmao

what you asked how it got boring right

That’s why I’m just sitting in my good’ol pc playing STALKER Dead Air and waiting for Ray of hope to come out.

I’m not saying that Fallout is a bad game series (not really my cup of tea but it’s ok if you like it),but the latest one was just a shitstain on your screen.(from what I’ve heard haven’t done a lot of research my own,as I said,Fallout doesn’t really interest me personally)

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dude what, all I was saying was “Oh that explains why i got bored of the season”

well ffffffuckin i don’t notice shtuff easily

You forgot Bethesda.

Haven’t you dragged this on long enough?

event wise or gameplay wise?

I thought it was mostly nice except for the drum gun removal.