Battleye isn't working

When i turn on Unturned by option ,play Unturned" (with battleye) i get information ,BattlEye anti-cheat is not running so you cannot join BattlEye protected servers…"
I reinstal Unturned i delate BattlEye and instal it again and this still dont work.
Can sombody help me ?

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it’s happening with other people as well, but I’m not sure of the reason

Me and my friend are having the same problem. We have done everything to get it and it doesnt work.

BattlEye has been disabled on purpose.

Hmmmm :thinking:
but how can we play on BattlEye secure servers?
Nolsen, plox fix

You can play on them, BE has been disabled for everyone. Just join the servers as you always do (even if they have BE enabled)