Battleye "query timeout"

In the past 2 months or so i have been kicked a LOT by batleye for “query timeout”.
I just want to know the reason why it is happening

probably something with your firewall

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Might be that your ping is too high, your internet isn’t responding well or you’re facing anti lagswitching related errors

For the last half a year or so I was getting a lot of disconnects for unknown reason even though my internet connection is relatively fast and stable. I haven’t been playing for the last month, though, with the exception of editor and singleplayer, so I am afraid that this anti-lag-switch measure might cause some troubles on my side too.


This anti lag-switch measure won’t affect the editor or singleplayer from my knowledge.
Unturned isn’t the best coded game so it isn’t really that stable. (Spaghetti code)

Of course an online measure will not affect offline experience. What I am talking about is I didn’t play multiplayer since some moment before that anti-lag-switch update, so I have no clue how will that impact on my experience.

To clarify, lag-switching has nothing to do with anti-cheats such as BattlEye. They are not related, and do not impact each other.

@Dinis is correct that a good first place to start is your firewall.


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