BattlEye Specific HWID Bans

Please read at least my tl;dr if not the entire post before voting in the poll, thanks lol. (If there’s no poll it’s because I haven’t figured out how to make one lmao)

So, I’m starting this thread as a way to see what the communtiy thinks about this, after viewing some of the points I have made here.
I think this is quite a controversial discussion but eh why not.

(For those of you who don’t know what HWID is, it’s basically an identifier that ties you to your pc, more on it later)

Here’s my argument

Why shouldn’t HWID bans be a thing?

a. Without going into too much detail: Unturned cheating is dead. Exploiters/exploit finders have reported all BattlEye bypasses that were accesible by simply patching/messing with unturned’s physical files. Cheating in Unturned now requires, time, experience and/or money (we’re talking >700$).

b. HWID bans are, in my opinion, sort of like a gateway drug. For someone looking for a second chance, they will try and buy a driver that will change their serials and therefore their HWID. These are usually sold by the same people who sell software that enables people to cheat in the first place. You can probably see where I’m going with this…

c. This is probably a more ethical opinion and I can see why a lot of people would disagree with this one - People deserve second chances. In fact, people who played this game before HWID bans probably got quite a few of those (xD). Most players I’ve talked to admit to cheating during their early time in Unturned, and let’s be honest, we all do stupid shit and we all get bored and like to piss off others. It’s natural and human. Now, people without the oppurtunity to play the game will not be buying into the Unturned market, meaning Nelson will be loosing tons of potential customers, which is in his interests as well as the community’s (he will have more motivation to work on U3/UII etc)

Why should HWID bans be a thing?

If you haven’t noticed already, I don’t think they should be a thing in this game, but, I will provide counter arguments because I’m sad like that.

a. Practically: They do a good job at preventing people evading. Adding storage, using a vpn etc will not help you bypass these bans.

b. They do deter people from cheating - but then again, it doesn’t really matter if 99.9% (yes very true pro statistics) of cheaters will get banned as soon as they join a server anyway.

tl;dr - HWID bans do deter cheaters but they’re not worth having because it’s seriously hard to cheat and from my point of view people deserve second chances like they used to get

EDIT: I couldn’t figure out how to make a poll so just comment down below thanks


I don’t really think it makes much difference, but still the HWID bans do help a little bit, even if not much. So why not? I don’t see why they shouldn’t be a thing.

If people are given a “second chance” some people will try and cheat again, which will increase the chance of cheaters. Honestly nobody likes that, it’s just a pain in the ass for people trying to operate servers and playing fairly.

You did something a majority of people on here don’t bother with, you addressed the other side.

I personally support the HWID bans just because it adds a little extra effort to bypassing bans.

How much does this type of stuff cost? Even if it’s very affordable, most cheaters won’t be aware that it exists or they may not trust the sources it comes from.

You said that it’s fairly hard to actually cheat earlier on in the post, if we completely eliminate the cheaters from the community then we aren’t losing all that many people in the end. If someone does cheat, then they most likely aren’t interested in supporting the game but exploiting it to get what they want.

Why though? Cheating isn’t exactly something that suddenly occurs without warning, you put time and effort into making it possible. If someone doesn’t want to suffer the consequences then they should have never tried to cheat in the first place, that’s partly why we have anti-cheat, although there could be a different take on it where we don’t ban the people entirely but instead work to nullify the cheats better.


As for people buying into the market, I believe I already or most likely forgot to mention it (lol classic me), but a lot of good players I’ve met have cheated on alts in the past. These players have gone on to pay for lots of skins etc.

When I say there are no file patching bypasses remaining, I probably haven’t explained the situation well enough: No one cheats in Unturned anymore. Cheaters are eliminated without HWID bans.

People won’t try and cheat again as it is practically impossible to. They can’t do any damage to your servers if they’re getting instantly game banned.

HWID spoofers really depend on what method they’re using to load their driver that changes the info and whether they’ve pasted it from other sources etc, but I say on average around 60$ for public ones. It would cost about 100$ to sign your own (most cheaters won’t do this as they don’t know how lol)

It’s a rare occurrence for that to happen though. Some people will learn to change their ways while others simply won’t bother with it. That kind of situation would probably be most likely when it involves a little kid who didn’t understand what exactly they were doing. That includes me in a way but my experiences were limited to Roblox before they pretty much eliminated the possibility of using Cheat Engine to do stuff.

Nothing against hiilikewiki, but I think it is worth clarifying that he is biased by the fact his account was banned by BattlEye.


Personal experiences can be a major factor in swaying your views.

[Insert rant about today here]

If he was one of the ones who cheated before they understood the consequences then I guess that’s one good example of learning from your mistakes.

@SDGNelson What’s your opinion on a theoretically perfect anti-cheat that doesn’t straight up ban people but instead prevents the programs from being used or does a repeated kick/temp ban though? I don’t know a lot about BattlEye so I’ve got no clue what kind of punishment options they have.

Personally I think permanent bans might be too strict, i.e. there should be some room for a second chance down the road. BattlEye does kick for suspected or potential cheats, and bans for guaranteed or detected cheats.


This is something I can definitely support. A lot of people I know share computers and often accounts with family and sometimes even friends IRL. It’d be quite disheartening to get banned because someone else decided to hack and therefore both people get banned, even if one didn’t do anything wrong. Unfortunately this is often something legitimate cheaters say to get off the hook, so it’d be interesting to see if there could be a way to see if multiple accounts frequently share a PC and see if that could help to reduce false bans.


All of this is completely fucking false.
Hacking in U3 is nowhere near dead.
Prove me wrong, I dare you.

Then that also means they need to use an entirely different Steam account.
Isn’t that a good thing that makes actual hackers go to a great effort to hack again after being banned? I don’t see a single bad thing about this.

Too bad. Talk over this with Battleye and not us.
I mean, unless the CEO of Battleye is on the Forums, what’s this post gonna do?

Yes, I know I sound harsh.
HWID bans are good.
This thread is the equivalent of a “Battleye should give everyone a second chance but I’m also not gonna mention that I got banned myself to make it seem less biased”
If you got banned for hacking, your loss buddy.

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<3 I probably should’ve stated that in the main post

I do agree with the second chance idea, I think that would be very beneficial. Or possible just a kick for detected cheats the first time, and then a hwid ban the next time. (IPs would come in handy here)

When you say it kicks for potential cheats, are you referring to BattlEye’s kicks with incorrect versions, corrupted memory, etc.? I don’t believe there is an actual algorithm relating to whether there is potential cheats.

Aden, I would prefer it if you don’t infer that I am salty about my ban, I am not. If I wanted to play, I can.
I will not mention any names/previous methods of cheating on here but I will say this. BattlEye now dumps your game on startup, checks every assembly loaded. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to cheat without messing with memory.
If you are keen for names, add me on discord and I will DM you it all. I myself, played a part in getting one of these methods detected.

HWID bans means cheaters can’t use different accounts… I don’t know why you are saying what I’m saying is false, have you done your research? Yesterday, I am also in the process of reporting another method that requires a lot more experience with this to Nelson that would usually be sold for over 700$, so how can you tell me what I am saying is false?

Unless someone who has just won the lottery or genuinely has too much money lying around (something which I have never seen before xD) I doubt they would spend this much.

People aren’t going to cheat again because they can’t. It really is as simple as that.

I believe Nelson can manage some sort of details with BattlEye, he is a client. I believe he was the one who requested HWID bans for the Unity client or even Unturned’s specific BE client in the first place (though he will most likely correct me).

I feel your post is borderline toxic and I do ask you not to be like this. I’m not here about my ban, I’m here to bring up a discussion that no one has yet, I have given the points that I believe in, and I made this thread so we could debate mine and others.

Massive hacker cope. You just don’t want to lose your chances at playing the game when you get banned

I can play the game anytime I like lol, as I’ve stated

See? You admitted it in your answer! xD. We all do dumb shit, and no I’m not glorifying cheating here which is why I don’t condemn battleye being in the game. I probably am guessing that most people on here have searched “unturned cheats” on youtube which is why this video has so many views

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