Battleye Wont Install

I have tried everything uninstalled and reinstalled a 100 times not worked tried going into the folders and starting form the batch file and nothing i don’t see anything that I have not tired already (PLEASE HELP)

I have same problem man. I installed Unturned and try to install BattleEye but BattleEye wont install. It says Installing BattleEye service.
Than Failed to install BattleEye service.
Please help me someone. :frowning:

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It’s an issue with BattlEye. You have to wait.

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Okay how long?

However long it takes for it to be fixed.

If waiting bothers you, you could also try some of the supposed fixes going around currently: such as using the BattlEye files from a friend (or different BattlEye game), downloading BEService_x64.exe and then trying to run Unturned, or running the BattlEye installer (and/or Steam) as an administrator.

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okay thank you

an update was released and it fixes the problem

evan tho it installed it dosent want to work as in i press play unturned instead of play without battleye and its saying its disabled

??? idk i just look and a update was quead and i downloaded it and it worked!