Beached submarine

New map project - just gonna be a fun small map project to do when I have the spare time, I will probably do a few more devlog-type things like this sometime soon.

This is going to be a small NPC location with some pirate/bandit type people, like a little post-apocalyptic trading post type place to buy weapons, ammo and supplies.

Some ideas to improve it would be nice :smiley:


I was going to put some washing lines and ripped flags type things from the Athens map content, but they don’t work for me anymore :confused:

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it looks flat but a really cool idea more details would be nice like some walls


Yeah, you’re right. I’ll angle it a bit the other way, thanks for pointing that out

Don’t tell me your abandoning SPI

nah, i just started this map just for fun. SPI is pretty much done, i’ve just gotta add all the spawns and zombies and stuff

I’ll take care of those if you send the files to me. I have a few plans for the map in those aspects

Make a small military prison

okay, good idea

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