Beds and Blowtorches

For Unturned 4.0 I think beds should be reworked, by reworked I mean not only do they set your spawnpoint, but you can sleep in them, I always thought this is a must needed feature and it would really improve the experience.
My second idea is a minor one but it would make the game a lot better, the ability for blowtorches to be bound to 3 through 0 and not be considered a weapon, I always wanted this because it’s always annoying when you have to move around everything in your inventory just to take out your blowtorch to fix your car.


Thing is though, it would make a lot of sense that you could actually equip the Blowtorch as a weapon.

Maybe in 4.0 there can be items that can be used as weapons and tools at the same time. With UE4 being virtually confirmed at this point nothing is off the table mechanics-wise.

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I agree, since the blowtorch as a weapon is kind of useless even for starting out.


I agree with the blowtorch to not be considered as a weapon.
However, about the bed sleeping. This should only be available in SIngleplayer otherwise, how would it work?

It only skips night if everyone on the server is asleep like mc

Voting for sleep anyone?

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absolutely not gonna work because night time is the only time when you can be concealed and unseen by others so no one is gonna waste the night just for some random reason.


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