Belgium wrong names

ostend is wrong it needs to be oostende and antwerp is wrong its antwerpen and port haven is wrong also its nieuwpoort pls check all names of the map and im from Belgium trust me

Antwerp is the English name. If it were made by a castilian team it would have been Amberes.

There’s no such thing is a wrong location name in Unturned.

i never heard of port haven and if put it on google maps i dont see it

The same reason why several locations in other maps don’t exist.

Because the game takes on a fictional setting with real life influence (Not 100%). As mentioned above some of the names are most likely based on an alternative spelling (English name, etc.)


k yarrr tx for reponding i juist when i saw it on youtube the map i saw it was wrong so juist made acount on the forums and the infantry i never saw it i watch much 1world 2 can you sent me a link the orgins and here link google maps my country,3.8147946,9.42z

The infantry 8s based off of the 1815s.

tx my man i hope you all enjoy my country eat those wafels :smiley:

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