Best cruiser line in World of Warships

Hello WoWS players, I’ve done some search online and narrowed my options to either the American cruiser line or the Japanese cruiser line. I’m currently grinding with the German battleship Konig (still fairly new at the game) and decided to take on a new secondary gameplay style with cruisers. Which cruiser line do you recommend the most? Destroyers are out of the question.

I often play off-meta vehicles but I’ve had a lot of good matches playing in French Cruisers.

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any particular strong points when it comes to french cruisers or are they just average at everything?

hey, as long as it’s cool

No idea, haven’t played in about two years. I’ve been looking to reinstall just for fun but I prefer War Thunder’s air combat to literally every game I own and because of that I have no time to play other games anymore.

Italian cruisers, Italian engineering is the best in the world.

i do not like them

why don’t you like them.

you don’t like cruisers or you don’t like italian cruisers?

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