Best game trailers you've seen?

Ok, this mod is a fucking chore.

I gave up the part where I stopped fighting the legion and was ejected into space to fight a rogue AI made by an Enclave scientist who decided to steal the plot of Wolfenstein Old Blood.


I think Cold War was fun, but I couldn’t compare it to another Call Of Duty game and say it changed anything. Modern Warfare, while it has had a lot of dumb shit, at least it tried something new with a different engine, mounting, gunsmith, the standalone battle royale ‘Warzone’ and re-introducing vehicles.
Cold War does some of that, but worse.
And also, people complain about Modern Warfare being campy, when Cold War plays nearly the same, with less ways to combat campers.

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Name one CoD that was not campy. Hardmode: One that cam after MW (CoD 4)

dang that one was actually really good, too bad game companies don’t care enough to do things like that anymore.

I freakin loved the Wintermute trailer. A lot of people hated how it ended up but i actually loved all of it even before the redux.

Some of mine:

they sure hollywooded this one up and just plastered all the memories in it to make it seem all cinematic when in reality the story was just so weak, but masterpiece of a game and a trailer regardless.

it’s too dope i can’t cope


gotta love how the impersonator goes from snake to raiden’s voice at 0:19


Yes, companies currently care more about the most ingenious ways of taking money from the player, really very sad for me.


Cod mw2 wasn’t too campy; mainly dropshotters, trickshotters, those types

Not in the 50-ish hours I played, most of that was on console tho.

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