Best games?


okay, so ive been looking for games on steam. and i love unturned and games like it, so if anyone has any ideas for games like unturned or just any really good game, let me know. also im kinda on a tight budget so not games that are like 50+ $$

  1. Civilization 4: Cavemen 2 Cosmos (19.99 USD)
    Really cheap for the ultimate edition, vanilla has a few hundred hours of gameplay in it if want to try out all it has to offer, and with the Cavemen2Cosmos mod, that goes up into THOUSANDS of hours of gameplay. I only have the game on the same CD my brother bought in 2007, and have been playing it on and off ever since, and am on around turn 13 thousand in my current c2c game, and my country is a communist dictatorship where my military has a higher population than my labour camps, which have 7 times the population of my actual country. C2C is an absolute must if you like ridiculously indepth gameplay, from scavenging for berries in 50 million bc, to catapulting your enemies armies corpses into their cities as chemical warfare. It is just ridiculous how much the mod has to offer, and most of it isnt even documented, and you learn absolutely mind boggling mechanics that you never knew even existed (I got to super early medieval before I realized that you need to teach your citizens how to read in order to get science and had pretty much been banging rocks together to research tech) The game is just insane, with the only downsides being how long in takes for turns to calculate in the late game because the ai has to do so many things, and that the ai doesn’t fully take advantage of every mechanic. Its just insane I cant even describe it. Definitely my highest money spent to hours played ratio.

  2. XCOM: Enemy Within (29.99 USD)
    Again, modded (long war) this game offers a crazy amount of gameplay at 30 dollars, its slightly pricey (sad that the sale just ended) similarly, the vanilla game has a lot of gameplay, with the normal campaign taking about 20 hours to complete. Its a turn based strategy game, that seriously makes you play carefully, and can be best described as nailbiting. With the long war mod, it takes nail biting up a million notches, while adding tons of enemy variants and game play mechanics use, exploit, and fight against. It also greatly extends the games length and makes it far, far more difficult. It took me about 200 hours to beat long war on hard difficulty on ironman (no save scumming) and it was insane. I can not describe this experience much further. The feelings you feel when you walk into a abduction mission with your favorite squad and slowly watch everything go to shit because of your mistakes and miscalculations is absolutely crushing. I cried tears watching my genetically modified cyborg super soldiers that I had spent hours meticulously customizing and carefully protecting, only to watch them die in front of you. This game has given me panic attacks when you sit there, a turn before you know your men are most likely going to die, feebly trying to think of any solution to the problem. Long War is indescribable, and so god damn satisfying when you finally win.

  3. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (free)
    Have you ever wanted to use a sewing kit and a lighter to cauterize yourself over and over in order to learn the basics of first aid? Have you ever hid in a bathroom as horrors that gods light has never touched ravaged the rooms outside while your mangled and brutalized hands attempt to craft a single makeshift shotgun shell over the course of 4 hours? Have you ever wanted to meet a fellow survivor, befriend him, bring him into a root cellar full of human meat you have harvested, and hack him to death with an axe before butchering him so you dont starve to death over the winter? Have you ever wanted to snort coke in order to counteract the inevitable heroin overdose that you needed to shoot up in order to install a bionic light inside of your skull without passing out? Then C:DDA is the game for you! The ascii graphics can be replaced by tilesets, and the game is very very difficult, but you get in some ridiculous situations. Really fun, intense, horrifying survival game that is like no other. The late game gets fairly trivial but its very difficult to get to that stage. I seriously recommend it.

  4. Warhammer 40k Soulstorm: Ultimate Apocalypse (12.99)
    It is a classic RTS with inspiration from the warhammer 40k universe (which by itself is really cool) The vanilla game is fun sure, its not the best of the previous relic warhammer games, but the campaign is fun, but jesus christ the mod adds so SO much. With 12 races to choose between, all completely different, (and not perfectly balanced but still) and hundreds of units per race, the amount of gameplay packed inside is crazy. You can easily fit 100 hours in singleplayer, and thats not touching the multiplayer, where you can join random skirmishes, and get absolutely shit on, im not kidding you, I have won one out of 17 random games I have joined, and I can beat the hard AI which is kinda impressive I feel. Still though, the mod is really fun and just has so much cool stuff in it. Tanks that shoot nukes, mile tall killer robots, ancient egyptian robot machines of death, giant dinosaur guys, the gods of chaos, the spanish inquisition, just so much sick stuff. Really fun game if you like sitting back and watching battles unfold, and also a fun game if you like beating your opponents. Also super fun with your friends as you watch them cry while you deepstrike chapter after chapter of space marines into their main base.

  5. Starcraft: Brood War (free)
    The king of RTS. The graphics are dated, the ai pathing is dated, literally everything is dated, but dear god is this the perfect RTS. The skill ceiling is pretty much infinite, pros still play the game, and the plays they pull off just get so much more ridiculously high skill every single year, and everything is balanced and has a counter. Even if you dont want a game to be a tryhard at, the campaign is great, and this game is perfect to pick up and play against your friends, as it can run on literally anything, and is free. (bleese guys i want people to play against) Just a great game.


wow thats alot of words lol. thanks for the ideas, they look pretty interesting, ill check them out

  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat ($19.99)
    A game nearly a decade year old, and is one of the best games to capture horror in a first-person shooter by relying solely on immersion and atmosphere. When playing this, you will almost always have that feeling nagging at the back of the mind that something is out there looking for you. Best enjoyed with mods. I recommend Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 for more and better weapons. If you’re a masochist and want to make your life miserable, go install a mod called MISERY. It’s called that for a reason.

  2. Plants vs Zombies: Game of the Year Edition ($5.99)
    Simple, brilliant, and with an irresistable charm that boils down tower defense to its bare essentials.

  3. Frostpunk ($29.99)
    A chilling and desolate city management game where child labor and cannibalism are just a few of the choices you can be forced to make in the name of survival.


Subnautica, siege, unturned and 2, red dead, odessey


id get red dead, but it hasn’t been released on pc yet

  1. Any Civ Game (Price varies)

  2. StarCraft II (Free)

  3. War Thunder (Free)

  4. Rainbow Six (Get anything but the starter edition as it gimps the gameplay experience)

  5. Binding of Issac Rebirth + Afterbirth (Like 25 USD altogether)

  6. Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel (Price varies depending on DLCs bought)


Insurgency,original (10$) or sandstorm (30$) (If you can run it).Trust me,if you like good gunplay,sound and realism you will enjoy every dollar/euro you spent in one of these.:grin:

  • Cave Story+
  • Half-Life (1-2, the EPs and the spin offs)

that’s all


i got both with a really good steam sale earlier, they are good games.

ive thought about this game, but ive heard alot of bad things


ill definitely check it out


It’s certainly a game that’ll chew you up and spit you out as my usual queue buddy was explaining to our friend who got the game a while back, and it has a bit of a learning curve, but most of the issues have been ironed out and the community is generally top tier with a development team that really cares about the players and the game.


i didnt know that they changed it up. sound like i need to have another look into it


Oh absolutely. On launch it was a near-failure but has since overtaken CS:GO’s place as the competitive shooter.


thats alot to say about an game.


Sorry buddy, but some of the best games, are free games. Here’s some of my favorites

Western shooter with a rediculous dev. I enjoy it greatly, especially the gun-game servers

Like halo? DL Link

For all the SCP or scary-genre fans.

Town of Salem is a great online-browser game

not so free games… some old, some new.

Insurgency is great. They also came out with a new one called Insurgency Sandstorm

Mount and Blade Warband is a great game, with some great mods. Though, hopefully soon, a new version called Mount and Blade Bannerlord that has been in literally 6-8+ years in the making is right around the corner, so you might want that.

COD WAW is always great. Theres plenty of mods and modded nazi zombies maps out there that are worth hundreds of hours of gameplay, so long as you’re willing to take the time to un-earth and dig up the good ones.

There may be other COD games with nazi zombies that also has mods for PC - I am however, unsure.

Hand simulator is a wacky game I enjoy every now and then, even if I don’t have VR, lol. Be sure to play with friends or find people that also have it.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is pretty neat, my friend bought me it though, so I personally wouldn’t know how I feel about the 25$ pricetag. I guess it’s worth it.

Who doesn’t like getting angry at smurfs, team-killers, trollers, hackers, and getting punished for leaving a game early?

Be sure to check g2a or some marketplace for cheaper retail sales of these games, as some games (like cod waw) usually stay the same in price despite being years old.


ive heard of some of these games. like hand sim, but some like

illl be sure to check these out


A handy note that G2A had recently released a feature that charges users money out of their G2A wallet for 180 days of inactivity. Nothing major but I’d stick to Humble bundle for games on the cheap (and slightly more restricted side) for short-term no commitments shopping. Other than that a whole lot of the games Rain has listed are really, really good but a bit dated so keep that in mind.


Bish, the trustfactor system in cs:go works great, so pretty soon there will be none to few cheaters. (And if you have good headphones you can counter smurfs pretty well).


rust - 35.00$