Best/Highest Quality U3 (Unturned) Server Host?

I plan to run up to 1GB of mods on my server and about 20 plugins. I do not care about cost I just want it to be the best possible quality. I know it would be better to host on my own devices but I am not in a position to do that.

What is the best server host for me to use? I’ve used GTX before but I’ve had too many problems with them.

Just host yourself. Its easy to do, and theres plenty of people and resources to help you, such as my Franchise which is dedicated to helping new or experienced hosters, and hosting alongside eachother in a Union of servers.

Unless your computer and internet is 100% crap, it can run at-least one server just fine.

I detaled on this page here explaining why Renting is a bad server practice.

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Can’t speak for myself, but I’ve heard Lyme hosting isn’t easy to work with or get running. Playing on their servers themselves, it’s alright.

Almost every server I’ve helped out with used GTX. It’s cheap, simple and easy to work with if you know how to manage a server.

What were the issues you had with them in the past?

The server literally always disappeared from the unturned server list, causing most players to think it is dead and couldn’t find it. After months I tried everything and GTX customer support couldn’t resolve it.

Did you lose connection during those times? Did you ever do a total wipe of the server to see if that would fix it? I’ve never had an issue anywhere close to that except for my personal test servers when they weren’t port forwarded correctly.

Homehosting is the best way if you can.
AWS or soem other bare metal would be a close second.

He specifically said he wasn’t in a position to be able to do that though. I’d be willing to set up servers for other people just for fun if my internet could handle it.


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