Best Unturned 3.0 maps (modded)

I’ve been looking for some good maps with modded spawns (medium or large)
so I figured I’d ask the community.

hey you’re posting pretty quick there, and your posts are really small. You could probably make a mega post putting all your small things together. that way people would actually read them and it wouldn’t be spam.

Oh, my bad man, didn’t realize i was posting that fast, but yeah i can slow down. No problem man.

Most of the curated maps are of pretty high quality and content, so you should check those out. Especially Easter Island it’s the coolest map in the game buy Easter Island mystery box


Im not looking for the curated ones but thank you anyways.

there’s this map, I think it’s called dango? I’d avoid it at all costs, it has unrealistic guns like power drill and the fish thing


I hear the creator is going to update this one soon


I’ve heard good things about driftless, ural mountains, new brunswick? and a few others with varying degrees of ratings. A good place to find solid reviews of maps is The_Gaming_4’s youtube channel where they review a bunch of workshop maps. And then there is of course always curated maps that are being made and put out regularly.

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ok thats it im sumoning danby 2

Thankyou so much, I think my new favorite map is Ural Mountains, Thanks man

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Depends what your looking for, but I would suggest if you want a really realistic Unturned modded survival experience.

The only issue is that it isn’t that well optimized if you like to player with a high shader quality.

Easter island is a pretty cool map, check it out here >


get em boys


Honestly, I’m not sure. My friend however is getting a really cool Nevada map made though. Heard it’s gonna be pretty sweet.

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