Beta expanding soon?

For this post I’m referencing this trello card.

When will the beta expand?
The card states that maybe when we get to a ~100 hr requirement the beta would have savedata, a basic map, and basic enemies in place. Currently we have (to my knowledge) savedata, and a couple maps. AI enemies are also lined up for the next update. Are we getting closer to a major expansion of the beta? (ie something to the tune of a few hundred hours rather than a thousand?)

also idk what Nelson means by basic map in the trello card so i could be wrong dont sue me please

None of this is really set in stone to any capacity, and Nelson will further lower playtime requirements once he feels the game has been fleshed out enough to warrant this.

The only “maps” in the game at the moment are all tiny test sandboxes more or less designed to showcase specific mechanics. In this Trello card, Nelson’s likely referring to the first complete survival map for Unturned II (think of Unturned’s Devtest_1/Alpha Valley), which has not been created yet. Nelson has plans to begin working on that, I can’t say when but it’s an upcoming objective.

Nelson is also currently working on an AI enemy as you mentioned, but the extent to which is not known at the moment.

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