Bethesda did it again

Just bought DOOM on the switch for 5$, turns out you need, have to have, a account to play. I have one though so it’s good. But the switch release is broken and can’t connect to the internet, and Bethesda haven’t said anything about it. They said they’d make it optional, four days ago. Wasted five bucks on a brick. Only Bethesda can re-publish a 25-year-old game for the 50th time and still need to patch it!


they’re a shit company with shit communication
that’s how bethseda is now a days

Trusting basically any AAA company or better yet Bethesda themnselves in 2019.
Wew lad.

How long ago they said it doesn’t necessarily matter, because the patch that did this only happened yesterday. This should apply to the Switch version, where the Skip button is in the bottom-left for those who choose to not login.

Nope, not there, no update available. They said they’d make the app store versions optional, didn’t say anything about consoles, specifically the Switch.

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