Better Enviroment And Realistic Ideas

Hi Nelson Today i Wanna Show You Something That i wanna see in 4.x Hopefully You’ll Read This Message Because i’m Really Happy With Your Hard Working. :wink:

-Wounds To The Player When Attacked Or Hurted
-Wounds To The Zombie To Look More Realistic
-Bleeding Animation
-Fat Zombies (Throws up on you and reduce the visual on the screen)
-Crafting book (Rarely Found and makes you Add more Stuff To Craft)
-Animated Car’s Door
-When Found A Car you Will Need Like “Sedan Keys” You Will Need It To Unlock The Car So You Can Drive it

Please nelson hope you enjoyed some ideas. :smiley:

i think some of them are a bit to realistic for unturned II like needing a key to unlock the cars

Not to mention that it has to be the “right” key aswell.

Not as in type. But since you can’t use a say… MG car’s key from different car to open another MG car. So I think this shouldn’t be the case.

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A lot of these have already been suggested, and it’s important to note that

“Realism for the sake of realism is bad.”
- Nelson circa 2018


Nelson Focused Too Much on PvP So I Don’t Know If you still Want PvP, In My Opinion it needs to focus on PvE and Realism.

Well I Think You’re Right About this

What’s Too Realistic?

No he didn’t lol. I think he actually trying to make 4.0 more survival-ish than 3.0

But as pork stated. “Adding something because it real isn’t a good excuse.” Try to not make it too confused or too unnecessary.

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Better like this.

I think that the crafting book and the keys are a good idea but just wouldnt really fit in the game.

Well something like needing to find car keys or something for a important vehicle would make it so you can just find a military vehicle and run down everyone on the server with it

I think the craft book may be a good idea if the item is rare and if the skill system involve à c rafting skill, so it could be a way to obtain an advanced crafting with out having to upgrade your skill. But as I sais it would need to be rare, like 1/500 to find it in a library or something like that. As for the Keys, I think that this shouldn’t be an item but a detail : When the vehicle is unlocked, you’ll see the key on it and if you dire it and then leave it whitout locking it, you’ll let the key in but if you Lock it, you and all the other membres of the team have a little animation in which they put they grabe the key and turn the vehicle on and when they leave the vehicle they take those Back and you won’t see the key in the car anymore (sorry if my english is bad it’s not my first language but I hope you’ll understand, thx for reading)

I’ve seen millions of topics like “Make this realistic” or “This should be like this” which makes pvp less interesting and adding a lot of singleplayer things. But also, there are a lot of players which is interested in pvp. If pvp doesn’t take an important part in unturned, there will be a lot of players loss. At some point, unturned should not be too realistic because
realism for the sake of realism is bad.” - Nelson 2018

And many of them are already suggested.

i don’t Usually Play PvP, For My Tastes it sucks, Unturned it’s not Developed For PvP but For Survival…

That’s what i Mean.

It Would Make it More Realistic And Cooler, Come on Guys Unturned I and unturned II Should Be Different games… But Not Too Much.

Why do you keep saying “come on guys?” Nobody disagrees with the fact that the next game should be similar and yet alike.

ok i guess?

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