Better Hunting Mechanics

I really hate how in unturned 3.0, the animals just drop their leather and meat where they die. In Unturned II you should need to harvest the animal with a knife by holding (F)

it would also be really cool if you could drag animals and attach them to your vehicle with ropes

Dead bodies should not despawn as fast.

Unturned is a survival game so hunting should be a way bigger mechanic


This is already confirmed. Hunted animals will need to be skinned and gutted - and using more powerful weapons results in a partial loss of usable meat (and potentially materials) from the corpse.

I think dragging around corpses with vehicles might be a bit much, but I do support being able to manually drag a corpse around.

In Unturned II, the loot from dead bodies (including that of players or NPCs/denizens) will stay on the body rather than just exploding into a heap of items. Because of this, I think it’s safe to say that bodies will stay around for much longer before despawning, since they become an actual interactable.

I’d recommend checking out the SDG Wiki’s Upcoming features page as well as the Unturned II Roadmap to keep up to date with planned or confirmed UII features. Cheers.


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