Better looting and houses

I think it should be harder to get into houses in unturned 2/4.0.

for example, the front door of houses should be locked and most of the windows should also be locked. This means you will have to break windows or doors down, which could alert zombies or players in the surrounding area. once you get inside, you could find the key for the doors and windows allowing easy access to the house and any locked cupboards or safes. the houses should also be bigger. You should also be able to sleep in beds in the house. Maybe there could be creaky doors or stairs that can alert zombies or yourself. Also, if there is electricity, there are house alarms that can attract attention. also there should be lights in houses that need electricity to work.
This is all i have for suggestions. thanks for reading!
(also, sorry about my English)


I realy like that idea but in case of search a loot + “Op” need plus difficulty to enter in that areas.

Telling fast:
If plus easy invade a house than a bunker.

Windows, for the most part, shouldn’t need a key to unlock, but the lock might only be accessible from one side.

No lockpicking?

Playing some audio and alerting the Turned when you open a door would be very doable, but alerting Turned because you stepped on a specific part of an object would be more difficult, but not impossible. (although I would like to say creaky stairs audio would almost certainly make the game less enjoyable for me, and probably other people who dislike annoying noises.)

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yeah i think you should be able to lock-pick, but you need to have a lock picking skill or something.
i can relate to you with the creaky stairs audio but i still think you should have some thinks that creak other than doors. maybe a small raised bit on wooden floors that shows where creaky spots are? just a suggestion

Actually, I Linda like the idea of creaky stairs. Except make it louder the faster you are going. If your running, the creaky area might attract all the zombies in the house (not to mention the stomping from it.)

And crouching over one of those areas would only alert nearby zombies.

I dunno.

Not to mention looting, then hearing someone walking up the stairs behind you.

Well it isnt that hard at all to implement really. Its pretty simple but I do see how it would annoy you, but it would probably be for a second maybe when you step on the wrong “plank” or such.

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