Better Materials tools in Level Editor

Its pain in butt to get Russia or Peaks materials to work even with or without devkit. There should be option when creating map or in level editor what materials and resources you want to use.

Just idea of course but it would help a lot :slight_smile:

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The legacy editor is severely outdated, and isn’t really meant for “serious” use anymore. The devkit is the onestop shop for mapmaking, and if you wanna try and make a map it’s good to start learning how to use it.

Welcome btw : - )

Keep in mind literally every Curated map to come to the game since Germany has been made in Legacy. (Except Danaby’s arena maps)


That is mind boggling to me, in my usage devkit just seems better than legacy editor

It’s better yes, but most of the teams don’t know how to make Devkit materials/details.
It’s since been documented but most of the teams don’t really feel like going through the hassle of setting it all up.


i feel like using the devkit is really unclear to me, there’s certain things that you can do in the devkit, that nobody’s provided a clear explanation on.

I tend to use the legacy editor and the devkit kinda side by side.

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