Better support for events on items, clothing & vehicles

From a development standpoint it would be incredible if we could get a hook within Unity for certain keybinds to be pressed, specifically in a sense that you could detect if the nightvision button was pressed for example, or the aim button, but for this to also apply to new / special keybinds for vests, masks, hats etc etc.

As this would allow for more functionality with clothing, such as helmets with the ability to move a visor up / down, instead of the current bypass it being a pair of goggles that hook into the headlamp activation.

And one additional possibility to give a .dat tag for certain pieces of clothing to be rendered in first person if the tag or string is present, this would allow for say, a face mask to slightly cover the lower parts of the screen.

Adding in these functionalities would prove useful to a lot of developers and would positively affect the current modding community.

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It actually is possible to animate stuff when night vision is activated, I saw somebody make animated helmet mounted NVGs that stay flipped up when off and flip down and turn on when activated

I know, I made that, I would just love it if Unturned gave us more abilities to give special features like that more flexibility.


Good job on that lol

id personally love dedicated key support for each gun attachment as well as the attachments sharing more traits with each other.
like having a scope that can adjust zoom for example

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