Better Vehicle Damage Activation Threshold [Unity]

We have huge variety of vehicles (from bikes to tanks) but they all have same threshold for smoke that activates when vehicle is damaged. It would be really cool to have some sort of option to set your own smoke activation hp amount or at least threshold that will be changed on its own by HP percent so every vehicle starts smoking at 20 - 30% and smoking badly at 10%.

Main reason is not just that. Modders already came up with all sorts of cool mechanics that use Smoke_0 (1) but vehicle’s health has to be fixed (around 700 - 1000 HP) for those objects to activate at proper HP %. Thats where this change could help :slight_smile:

For sure not something game-changing, but with that fix we all could be a bit closer to the “car update” that vehicle modders are waiting for :smiling_face:


Before adding this function, the game should first add the option that Smoke_0 can have an impact on the server.


It already can do something with vehicle by using activation event hook

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