Big update themes


I know, sorta random, but what if for updates that added a lot of stuff, they are specifically named, instead of say, We call it, “the car show” (adds a bunch of vehicles ) or “the zombie horde” a zombie update. Basically, think tf2 style themed updates but unturned 4.

I dunno.


Name each update after a place in Canada.



As an embalming fashionista. I can say that calling, for an example. Update about foods. “A food update” is somewhat disappointing.

Why don’t we go with “Grubhub” update or something.


Guess this is one of those times where I become the person who hasn’t researched anything.


The food update should be called “The “That one good Tim Hortons downtown where that chick made great paninis” update”


The “Bikini panini” update.



It would add some mood to readers and would at least signify such major update which can be easily remembered instead of trying to find that particular version number.


“Fetus Deletus” update where female characters can have abortions?


now I’ll leave before I’m banned from the forum


Raiding SUPER insane skybase with my pregnant GF in Unturned, NOT CLICKBAIT, GONE RIGHT!

God why?




yes please