Binoculars idea

You can’t see player names until you get very close to it right?
The idea here is that when you aim at a player whit the binoculars equipped you will be able to see his name in greater distances.(that would be prevented by having a mask a balaclava or something like that equipped)

just a dumb idea



I don’t like the idea of being able to see someone’s name in the first place unless they are in a non threatening stance anyway (non threatening meaning unarmed, safety on, etc.), and the idea that you magically would figure out someone’s name by staring at their face through binoculars is kind of… meh.


yeah the idea isn’t good the deal with binoculars is to search the ennemie not to have his name exposed.

Well you can already figure out the identity of players just by having them close already

yeah your wright but this topic is for giving the possibility to see a player name from 100m by exemple just by using binoculars

My mind may be failing me, but I’m pretty sure this was in the 4.x category when I first posted that comment, so I meant that I hope in 4.x you can’t see people’s names in the first place.

This can be abused as you could not be able to see the player due to their skin color or the green shirts and pants but it would ping them for you letting you know for a fact that there’s someone there.

The only idea I would give for binoculars is being able to zoom in and out for 20x using the arrow keys

Fuck that. This game needs to make use of the scroll wheel.

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