Biohazard Zombie Plush giveaways!

Hey, forum-goers. We’ve collaborated with Makeship on a new plushie—the Biohazard Zombie plush! To celebrate the campaign launching on June 3rd, we’re hosting two giveaways for the new plushie.


Do these come with a code for the in-game version like the previous plushies did??

Just like with the Chef Zombie Plush, buyers will receive a complimentary in-game Biohazard Zombie Plush cosmetic item as well.

This will happen sometime after the campaign ends, probably closer to the shipping date of the physical plushies.

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Pinned until both giveaways close.

Im banned in the discord server and i dont have twitter, any way for me to enter😅

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Inshallah allah will grant me this gift

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@MoltonMontro My fifth twitter account got locked. Sad.


The only giveaways we are hosting in promotion of the June 3rd campaign launch are the ones mentioned.