Biohazard Zombie Plush shipping & keys info

Hello, survivors!

As of a few days ago, emails have started going out for those who have purchased the Biohazard Zombie Plush by Makeship.

Most of these are just the shipping notifications for the physical plush. Make sure your shipping address is correct!

A few (but not all!) survivors have already received their Steam key for redeeming the in-game Biohazard Zombie Plush cosmetic item. The subject line for this email is along the lines of “Your Biohazard Zombie Plush Code is Here!”.

This might appear in your Spam inbox folder – so be sure to check!

Redeeming your Steam key for the in-game cosmetic

To redeem your Steam key through the Steam app, perform the following steps:

  • Login to Steam
  • Click “Add a game” from your Steam Library
  • Click “Activate a product on Steam”
  • Enter the Steam key into the Product Code field

The DLC that this Steam key is tied to went live on Steam recently. As the items are distributed via Steam’s item servers, it could potentially take a couple days before you receive the Biohazard Zombie Plush cosmetic.

If you have not received the cosmetic within a few days of redeeming your Steam key, please contact us via email at:

Thank you!


A small update to say that plushies have shipped out. Some players have already received their plush! Again, please make sure your shipping address is correct – and remember to check your email for when you receive your redeemable code for the in-game plush cosmetic.

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