Bipods that really work!

It would be great if when you used the bipod you had an option to place it down then you would be stuck there.


I disagree with the ‘stuck’ part. Even if you have bipods deployed, you are still able to move around. But the action to actually deploy the bipod sounds like a good addition towards the game’s detail. =D

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yes it’s a good idea a bipod(but only "special"vehicle(like rainbowcar))vehicle will be cool i’ll make workshop vehicles more divertised and make players have more fun

What are you talking about ?

the is suggesting to nerf the Bipod so that you have to activate its effect while prone and being unable to move, basically.

LcATD is saying that should be able to still move around after you activate the Bipod, but he likes the extra detail this would theoretically add.

raptorgamingFR1 thought the suggestion was for deploying it on vehicles, like a big tripod machine gun. That wasn’t the suggestion, though.


Yeah I didn’t really understood Raptor’s message.

Have you ever played arma 3 or any other game with a bipod? He means adding that functionality where you get a decreased mouse turn and a certain area (usually 130 degrees) to fire with little to no recoil while it’s on a surface.

I’m speechless.

Because you essentially DO get stuck there, you can’t walk around or anything. Have you ever played an FPS with similar bipods?

i thinked that was talking about meca and bipod vehicles(avec 2 jambes) XD

exactly, thank you

I don’t care how bipods work in other games, but imo even if you have it deployed you can still move around with the gun lifted, even in prone position. The deployed bipod shouldn’t stuck you at all. It is not FIXED to wherever you deploy it. The mechanism that a deployed bipod limits your movement completely is just dumb and not sensible at all. I would like to see a much more flexible implementation in Unturned 4, if it’s ever being considered.
EDIT: Alternatively, the character automatically folds the bipod back if the they move at all (and redeploy manually after)

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