Black bars monitor side glitch bug fix

So i open up unturned after not playing for a while expecting to play the oldest anarchy server in minecraft but my monitor gets all freaky and shows me black things off to the side of the monitor. today i tinker with things unholy and fix the error of black things.

it loads and works fine and is technically playable but still retarded so eyy lets fuck around with game files see what to reverse this.

the steps i discover to fix

now we fix stuff and get fix the black bars. go inside of your files app and go to unturned directiory (D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned) and open preferences.json and set “Restrict_Resolution_To_Monitor_Supported” to true instead of false. next go back in unturned and change the resolution to the native resolution of your monitor. make sure you full screen. don’t fuck this up or if you do you will need to fix that and then this.

thank you for reading my unturned black bars bug fixing guide formatted specifilally to be easy to follow. i hope this works and fit fans stay alive out there. peace.


Unturned two survivors two weapons. Where even hacking is allowed, until battle eye bans you lol.

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When your app rotates but your phone doesn’t.


when your monitor rotates without rotating

Wait shit I just realized this was how to fix this

Unturned mobile mode

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batleye insecure

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