Black Screen of death

Ok so I have been playing unturned for 2 years. What has now happens is when I try and play any servers I get this wierd back screen in it then I get kicked out . When I get a picture of ingame I will post it. Here is what the unturned menu looks like.Here is everything I have tried:Uninstall
Reset Unturned
Verified game files
Reset PC
Reset all files
uninstalled multiple time
and factory reset my PC

you made this post in the unturned II section… I told you to post said post in unturned 3 section

I moved it to the correct area

Also I think your have your settings on deferred or something. Change it and it should fix it, it happens to me and that did it.

I did this it was the deferred rendering and trees. I went to play and it did not work. Good attempt tho. :slight_smile:

Are you new to Unturned, did it happen earlier? Try
-force-d3d9 in launch options. This may be something with your graphics card

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