Blank tag slots?

So here’s the story: I imported all the assets from the project settings folder in the examples folder. However, the layer slots were all blank. Why? I don’t know. I then renamed them manually the same way Nelson had them named in one of his tutorial videos and when I did that each object was layered accordingly. At first I thought I was missing the tag manager asset because I once somehow dragged it another folder without copying or something, however that was not the case.

Recently I experienced a problem where the barricades wouldn’t get hit by melee weapons or bullets no matter what. When I explained the problem I got a speculation that the tags and layers might be the problem.

So I tried reinstalling Unturned, reimporting the tagmanager asset into unity and what I realized was that the layer slots were blank again once I did that. I really don’t know why and what am I supposed to do if I can’t even import proper project settings?

Hit me up on Discord MoltonMontro#6816 and I can send you my copy of the TagManager, in case that’s the issue.

(Reinstallation doesn’t restore every file unless you manually delete every file, alongside the “backups” used to reinstall faster).

Make sure you install the TagManager.asset properly. (You should manually delete the one at …\Unity Projects\Unturned - Custom Content\ProjectSettings, and then manually add the one provided with Unturned’s installation by dropping it into that folder.)

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