If you are curious as to what blastlane is all about, then you’ve come to the right place!
It’s basically bomberman.

If you don’t know what the power ups do then here’s what they do:

  • Range (purple) = self explanatory (extends by one box for every one picked up)
  • Bombs (dark blue) = Increases the amount of bombs you can place
  • Blastlane (light blue) = Places all of your bombs infront of you by pressing right-click (Thank you HoldBaker for correcting me!)
  • Detonator (orange) = Explodes bombs on command (Default detonation button is SPACE)
  • Pierce (pink) = Makes explosions go through brown/gold boxes (only really works if you have 1+ range)
  • Speed (green) = Speeds up the player (not entirely sure by how much, but does stack)

I do know that it’s just an example of what you can do, but some things are bit iffy in the game mode:

  • can walk through bombs (meaning can’t trap enemies, kind of a big thing)
  • some sort of sudden death would be nice (like in the original bomberman, it goes around the inside of the play zone until reaches the middle)
  • possibly a bigger play arena? Dunno.

Just realized that Bomberman was the OG Battle Royale game.


Hey Owl!
You have the description of the perk Blastlane incorrect I think. Blastlane enables you to use right-click to place all the available bombs you have in a line in front of you.

So if you have 5 bombs. It will place a bomb under you, and on the 4 squares in front of you that you are facing.


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