Bleed damage do not trigger "DamageTool.DamagePlayerRequested"

I made a plugin that restores some health before the player dies to prevent the player from dying (similar to resurrecting in place).
Currently I’m using the event “DamageTool. DamagePlayerRequested”, triggered when damage is greater than player health.
However, the code will not be triggered when the player takes damage from a negative Buff.
Injuries such as bleeding, burning, choking, acid, are there any good ways to get the trigger events for these injuries?

Well, thank you for your advice.

I don’t believe ChatGPT knows enough to provide useful information in this scenario. :eyes:

I believe only weapon damage (melee, guns) call this event. Some plugins (e.g., letting players be revived/defibrillated) use alternatives to prevent dying, but I’m not sure what workaround they’re using.

I asked some of the plugin authors and they said that it was difficult to monitor bleeding damage and that the plugin beginners could not do it.
I’ll try something else, or give up monitoring status damage.

Perhaps the predeath event within PlayerLife should have a ref bool determining if the player should really die or not, alongside more context to the planned death in the parameters, rather than just providing a PlayerLife object.

But you can still monitor the player health through the PlayerLife class and its events, even if it is unoptimized to do so (i.e. performing any type of operation every time a player’s life updates isn’t the best option).