This is an idea I have been posting the Steam discussions. And I honestly think it might be a good idea, but let’s be honest here, that’s pretty biased xD

But the way it would work is that once the player’s overall health reaches 10% or lower, the player goes into a near-death state. Not thinking of PUBG when I’m saying this, but more like Rainbow Six. But of course it has a little spice to it where a small bar appears with 50/50 and goes to 48/50 in 1 second. It’s like an extra healthbar if the final shot wasn’t a killer hit. Of course, if the player was hit during bleedout, the damage will take away from the decreasing number. For an example, a hit to the chest with a Maplestrike is 34 (for example, cuz I forgot the actual numbers xD). So that makes 50-34= 16. 16 will be the remaining number on the extra health bar that will still be decreasing. Once the bar reaches 0/50, the player dies.

HOWEVER, if a friend comes up and saves that bleeding player, it will depend on how much health is left on the bar. If the friend saved the player when the bar was at 23/50, then the player will get up with 23% health. Healing a friend will take 3 seconds and will stop the bleedout timer as long as the friend is still interacting.
Now this is the juicy part, if the player was helped up and his/her health reached below 10% again, they won’t go into bleedout again because otherwise it can be abused in a way. So you only get downed 1 time. How do we avoid the danger of death? Using a medkit will allow the player to be downed 1 more time. Not a dressing, not morphine, a medkit.

Now remember, the player goes into bleedout ONLY if he/she receives damage that causes the health to reach 10% or less.

If the player’s health was 22% and gets hit, any damage that is 22 or more will kill the person.

If anyone didn’t understand this, I’d be happy to explain further :smiley:


I really feel the current medical system works better than this. Instead of some PAYDAY-esque stuff, I’d rather just run over apply proper dressings to their wounds while they’re low on health (They’ve been SHOT, not knocked down) than give them a hand back up on their feet. Also seems kinda cheese-able considering you get 50 health in that state. That’s at least two extra rifle shots to kill you. AND IT PROCS AT 10%. WHY??? It just seems so broken to use an extra two shots (more or less depending on gun or melee) to kill someone who’s essentially an inch from death’s door.

Being healed up at 50 hp is almost impossible as 2 hp get decreased each second. Probably less than a second. But keep in mind that these people are gonna need an extra hand to help them up, leaving the helper vulnerable for any attacks.
Maybe do 30/30, and -2/s, moving while in bleedout makes it -3/s, and pressing F to “put pressure on the wound” will have it at -1/s
And 10% cuz it’s low enough for the player to see everything in gray scale.

two things

  1. this seems just like an extra layer of BS to deal with when fighting against groups. hell, even having it like in RO2 where if you have too little blood you can’t do anything but walk slowly and spray until you bleed to death is better then this imho

  2. 101, idk if you know what “proc” means

It means something about random chance but at this point (after playing Borderlands games for years upon years), I’ve come to use it as if ___ happens, ___ will happen. Eg: in order to proc moneyshot, you need to be on your last bullet in the magazine.

you’re using it completely wrong but okay

No. Simply. No.

Bleedout would be stupid enough as is, In a survival game (Where mind you, that aspect is fading away and i’m losing hope for it.) bleedout should not be a thing. It’s silly.

Being Incapacitated however is a great idea. Following rusts footsteps where the player gets knocked down and can be looted/revived by 1 player to steal their loot or keep them at 1 health and progressively heal them would be great. It’d be bleedout that would ruin things like this, bleeding as a mechanic still exists but no one uses it because it’s never tweaked or updated often.

Eh, not really much of a fan, you have to take in consideration if zombies and any other hazards to a player could do this, could a runner be able to do it but not a spitter? If so, why or why not? Things like this usually need to be thought out.

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