Blender - Audi RS7 timelapse for VVR - Unturned

Hey! I’ve made a quick timelapse of me doing an Audi Rs7 for VVR (Steam Workshop::Vanilla Vehicles Remastered [OUTDATED] [DOWNLOAD VV2 INSTEAD])

Hope you enjoy the video!

I haven’t found a good background music that is not cringy and would make someone else’s ears bleed, I’ll do for the next video tho :slight_smile:


Just really beautiful!
I was listening to the ATS Soundtrack (Truck upgrade, to be exact) and I felt mesmerized as I watched this video.

Finally saw an RS7 in person a few weeks ago, factory matte black. Downright one of the best looking cars ever made. If only it was about an eighth the price I’d grab one for myself haha. Keep up the great work!

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Already got the pack on the workshop, I can only imagine how much work went into the rest of the cars, I hope God has blessed you with as little crashes as possible, fantastic stuff!!

Thanks guys! Btw the Sedans update (which contains this RS7) is up already! :grin:


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